1. Choose a location Old Quebec City.

Old Quebec City is not big but full of beautiful backdrops for your elopement.

2. Decide on what time of year and a date.

Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season brings a unique beauty to Old Quebec. Start your research based on your favourite season and see what would be accessible at that time of year. Prepare enough of time, no rush, contact me as early as possible for professional advises. I will walk you through all the possibilities.

3. Book your photographer. 

This might be the most important step in planning your elopement! Your photographer will have the best local knowledge of the area. They will help you plan your day and help suggest possible locations for your elopement. 

4. Book your vendors.

Some common vendors you might need to consider for your day may include: commissioner, florist, hair and makeup, cabin, helicopter, cake, restaurant reservation etc. There are a ton of amazing wedding vendors in the area. Reach out to us and we can let you know who we love working with in and around Quebec City area.

5. Apply for your marriage licence and any permits you might need.

This process is different for each province, state and country. Make sure you do your research on what you need to legally get married in your desired location.

6. Decide who your witnesses (2) will be.

We are more than happy to be your witnesses! You can also invite along family members or friends to sign the paperwork.

7. Book travel arrangements.

You may need to look into flights, accommodation, car rentals and other activities for your elopement! Things tend to book up early during the summer months in Canada. To have your top choices for accommodation it would be a good idea to book at least a few months out.

8. Order and prepare your elopement essentials.

Your wedding dress, suit, rings, vow books and adventure gear! Think about how you will be spending your day while choosing your wedding dress and suit. If you plan on spending the day in the mountains it might be beneficial to have a dress that allows you to move a bit more freely. If you plan to hike to your ceremony or portrait location choose something that doesn’t weigh a ton as you will be carrying it up! Remember to leave time for fittings if you need them as well.

9. Plan your timeline for the day.

Depending on how you want your day to go you will now begin to think about your day of timeline. There are so many different ways you can set up your day and it should be based around what’s important to you both. As photographers, the time of day is always important to us to insure we can take the best photos possible for you. Sunrise and Sunset are the ideal times to shoot and we will always recommend structuring your day around these ideal lighting conditions.

10. Create a packing list for your amazing adventure!

Make sure you don’t miss anything and you are prepared for your day.

Now you are both all set to plan an amazing elopement of your dreams.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

We are always here to help and love hearing about your unique story and plans!