Capturing the magic of Andrew and Meggie’s big day. This time, I skipped Old Quebec and came to the beautiful village of Château Richer, this elopement was pure style and joy. Cheers to the amazing couple and a day filled with love! 


 is a small town situated in the  Capitale-Nationale region of  Quebec. Located on the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River east of  Quebec City, Château-Richer is the seat of the Côte-de-Beaupré Regional County Municipality.

The first rural parish in New France was established there in 1678, and many of the oldest families in Quebec first settled there. Even today, a large segment of the town's population can be traced back to those pioneering families.

The town stretches for several miles alongside Route 138. This road, originally known as the King's Road (Chemin du Roy, or Chemin Royal), to be later renamed Avenue Royale, was among the first to be built in North America.

Promenade dans les champs



One advise: Watch out the Mostiquos!